Czech Republic backtracks on finding cash to buy 800,000 shells for Ukraine – POLITICO

Prague is leading an initiative to purchase 500,000 artillery shells of 155 mm caliber and 300,000 artillery shells of 122 mm caliber for Kiev. A total of 18 countries have agreed to finance the purchases under the Czech Republic-led initiative. While some governments – including Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands – have announced actual financial … Read more

Ukraine Allies Line Up Funds for 800,000 Artillery Shells

Ukraine’s allies have raised almost all the funding needed for a Czech-led initiative to purchase hundreds of thousands of artillery shells, according to a government official familiar with the arrangements. The commitments mean the grenades could be delivered to Ukraine within weeks, according to separate people, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The precise timing … Read more

Deep divisions on Russia’s war in Ukraine were evident at a meeting of 4 Central European countries

PRAGUE (AP) — Four central European countries are deeply divided the Russian war against Ukraine and how to resolve the conflict, the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia said on Tuesday. The four post-communist countries form an informal grouping of members of the European Union and NATO known as the Visegrad … Read more

Macron doesn’t rule out sending Western troops to Ukraine – POLITICO

“It is a recognition of the challenge that Ukraine faces, and that a little more is given, it is an honor for the French. They have long been a concern [about purchases from non-EU countries]and it is a sign that they are willing to be pragmatic,” said Mujtaba Rahman, Europe head of the Eurasia Group. … Read more

Slovak PM says EU, NATO members weighing sending troops to Ukraine – POLITICO

“I can’t say for what purpose or what they would do there.” According to Fico, the war in Ukraine is not going as expected: “This [Paris] The meeting is a confirmation that the West’s Ukrainian strategy has completely failed,” he said, without giving details. Speaking after a meeting of the Slovak Security Council and Cabinet … Read more

These Men in Yellow Are Angry Farmers

Hundreds of farmers drove their tractors to central Madrid on Wednesday as part of ongoing protests against EU and local agricultural policies and to demand measures to ease production cost increases. The protest, the largest to take place in the Spanish capital after more than two weeks of daily protests across the country, included a … Read more