Book Club: Let’s Talk About Erase, by Percival Everett

Subscribe: Apple podcasts | Spotify | How to listen It’s not often that the Academy Awards give the publishing industry some something to chew on. But at this year’s Oscars — which takes place on Sunday night — one of the Best Picture contenders is all about book publishing: Cord Jefferson’s “American Fiction” is an … Read more

5 books by Mexican women about the history of Mexico

Shaped by pre-Columbian traditions, Spanish colonization and Catholicism, Mexico is a diverse and complicated country that is impossible to understand just by visiting or living there. To understand Mexico, you have to read through it. Each book on this list is set in a different period in the country’s history, from the early years of … Read more

Homegrown comic book artist celebrates leaders who shaped Arizona and U.S. history

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Readers who love the dozens of genres celebrated at the Tucson Festival of Books will also meet authors during special panels this weekend. For comics artist Henry Barajas, it’s a homecoming of sorts. His journey took him from Tucson to Los Angeles and several major comic studios. This Sunday, Barajas will … Read more

Are these popular books worth it? – Neighbourhood

Written by Ally Abruscato. Graphic by Charlotte Beck. Whether it’s on TikTok, through a friend, or in a bookstore, we’re constantly bombarded with book recommendations. This is amazing because it allows us to read books we wouldn’t normally read and connect with others based on a shared interest. All this to say: please keep giving … Read more

5 Books on the Enduring Power of Black Healing Traditions – Reckon

5 Books About the Enduring Power of Black Healing Traditions. (Canva/Danielle Buckingham) There’s an ongoing joke on the internet about black people and our unwavering faith in Ginger Ale and abandoning it as a cure-all. In reality, this represents the way our community has always used what we had available to us to heal ourselves … Read more