Pro-Hamas ‘Autonomous Zone for Palestine’ Set Up in NYC

Do you recall that supposedly autonomous “CHOP” zone (originally “CHAZ) that was set up in Seattle at the height of the BLM riots? That turned out to be an unmitigated disaster in many ways. Unfortunately, when the socialists come up with a bad idea that appears to work, even for a little while, others take notice and begin to imitate them. That appears to be what’s happening in Zuccotti Park in New York City this week. But instead of Black Lives Matter activists, this one is being organized by a curious combination of pro-Hamas antisemites and transgender activists. The usual trappings are already on display, with signs warning the police to stay away. At Townhall, Katie Pavlich has the details.

A new “autonomous zone” has been set up by left wing activists in New York City. This time on behalf of the Palestinian-Hamas movement in Zucotti Park.

The zone, which commandeers public property, boasts signs like “this is the people’s park,” “no more cops,” “no pigs allowed” and much more.

In summer 2020 similar zones were set up in liberal cities across the country and quickly became breeding grounds for violence, drug use and other debauchery. In Seattle, a young man was killed and activists refused to allow the police or an ambulance into the area to render aid.

You can view some of the disturbing scenes in this Twitter post.

There’s an old saying about how politics can create strange bedfellows, but you won’t find many pairings this curious. How did transgender activists wind up in the same camp as Hamas supporters? Has anyone mentioned to the trans people what would happen to them if they showed up in Gaza and announced that they were trans or even gay? Hamas fighters would promptly escort them to the nearest tall building that is still somehow standing and unceremoniously throw them off. But I suppose you can’t let a few inconvenient facts stand in the way of your protest.

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