Ukraine’s Zelenskyy visits Turkey, where Erdogan is expected to press for negotiations to end war

ISTANBUL (AP) — Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was in Istanbul on Friday for talks with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoganwhose NATO member state has sought to balance its close ties with both Kiev and Moscow and has repeatedly offered to act as a peace mediator between them. During the talks in Istanbul, Erdogan was … Read more

On International Women’s Day, France will seal the right to abortion in its constitution

PARIS (AP) — France on Friday included the guaranteed right to abortion in its constitution, a strong message of support for women’s rights to international Women’s Day. Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti used a 19th-century printing press to seal the amendment to the French Constitution in a special public ceremony. Applause filled the cobbled Place Vendome … Read more

Kyoto’s geisha district fights back against over-tourism

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s ancient capital Kyoto, long a popular destination for tourists, is closing a number of privately owned alleys in its famed geisha district after complaints about misbehaving visitors. Tourists crowd the narrow, scenic streets of the area called Gion, often followed by guides who show people around and give hours of lectures, … Read more

Climate-conscious travelers are jumpstarting Europe’s sleeper trains

After being gently awakened in her sleeper cabin, Sarah Marks spent the morning of her 29th birthday watching the Alps zoom past the windows of her night train to Zurich. “The train comes in right next to the lake, with the mountains behind it,” Marks said wistfully. “Very romantic, I must say.” By the time … Read more

South Korea’s president vows not to tolerate walkouts by junior doctors

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — South Korea’s president vowed Wednesday not to tolerate the situation prolonged strikes by thousands of doctors in trainingThey call them “an illegal collective action” that threatens public health and undermines the country’s governance systems. President Yoon Suk Yeol’s government was engaged in this process suspending the licenses of approximately 9,000 … Read more

Red sea attacks: US destroyer shoots down missile launched by Houthi rebels

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — A U.S. destroyer shot down drones and launched a missile by The Houthi rebels in Yemen toward the ship in the Red Sea, officials said early Wednesday, as the Indian Navy released images of it battling a fire aboard a container ship previously targeted by the Houthis. The attack … Read more

Key takeaways from the China NPC 2024

BEIJING (AP) — Chinese Premier Li Qiang promoted an image of trust, as he announced modest economic growth targets for the world’s second-largest economy, at one of the country’s most important political gatherings. Li was addressing several thousand delegates from the country’s parliamentary legislature, the National People’s Congress, meeting in Beijing. It is a time … Read more

China raises defense budget 7.2% as it pushes for global heft

BEIJING (AP) — China announced on Tuesday a 7.2% increase in the defense budget, which at 1.6 trillion yuan ($222 billion) is already the second highest in the world after the United States, roughly mirroring last year’s increase. The tensions with the US, Taiwan, Japan and neighbors with competing claims to the crucial South China … Read more

A Vietnamese property tycoon accused of embezzling $12.5 billion begins her trial

HANOI, Vietnam (AP) — Real estate magnate Truong My Lan faces the death penalty in a trial that began Tuesday over alleged fraud worth $12.5 billion — nearly 3% of the country’s GDP in 2022 and the largest financial fraud case ever in Vietnam. The 66-year-old chairman of real estate company Van Thinh Phat is … Read more

3 Red Sea data cables cut as Houthis launch more attacks in the vital waterway

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Three cables under the Red Sea that provide global internet and telecommunications have been cut as the waterway remains a target The Houthi rebels in Yemen, officials said Monday. Meanwhile, a Houthi missile attack set a ship on fire in the Gulf of Aden but caused no injuries. What … Read more