Ukraine’s Zelenskyy visits Turkey, where Erdogan is expected to press for negotiations to end war

ISTANBUL (AP) — Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was in Istanbul on Friday for talks with the Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoganwhose NATO member state has sought to balance its close ties with both Kiev and Moscow and has repeatedly offered to act as a peace mediator between them. During the talks in Istanbul, Erdogan was … Read more

Ukraine claims it has sunk another Russian warship in the Black Sea

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine claimed Tuesday it has sunk another Russian warship in the Black Sea using high-tech sea drones As Kiev’s forces continue to focus on targets deep behind the front lines of the war. Russian authorities have not confirmed the claim. Ukrainian military intelligence said a special operations unit destroyed the large … Read more

Death toll rises from Russian strike on Ukrainian port city of Odesa

Kyiv, Ukraine (AP) — The death toll rose to 10 on Sunday a Russian drone attack which destroyed an apartment building in Ukraine’s southern port city of Odesa the previous day when a local official reported that the body of a third child had been recovered from the rubble, along with that of the child’s … Read more

Ukraine official says Russia massing forces around a key city in the country’s east

KYIV (AP) — Russia is massing large forces around Khasiv Yar in eastern Ukraine as it tries to make a breakthrough in the Donetsk region, a Ukrainian official said Friday. Illia Yevlash, spokesperson for the operational group overseeing the eastern frontline, told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that Russian forces were concentrating their efforts to launch … Read more

Russian onslaught targets more Ukrainian towns and villages as Ukraine says it shot down 3 warplanes

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Russian forces are pushing hard against more Ukrainian cities and towns in eastern and southeastern Ukraine as Moscow seeks to leverage its current advantage in weapons and troops, Kiev officials said Thursday. Despite Russia’s apparent offensive momentum on the ground, Ukraine said it has shot down 13 Russian warplanes this month, … Read more

Deep divisions on Russia’s war in Ukraine were evident at a meeting of 4 Central European countries

PRAGUE (AP) — Four central European countries are deeply divided the Russian war against Ukraine and how to resolve the conflict, the prime ministers of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia said on Tuesday. The four post-communist countries form an informal grouping of members of the European Union and NATO known as the Visegrad … Read more

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy lands in Saudi Arabia to push for peace and a POW exchange with Russia

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) — Ukrainian president Volodomyr Zelensky arrived in saudi arabia on tuesday and met with the kingdom’s powerful crown prince to push for a peace plan and the return of prisoners of war from Russia. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has tried to position itself as a potential mediator to … Read more

Russia wants to imprison the co-chair of Nobel-winning rights group over criticism of war in Ukraine

Russian authorities on Monday demanded a prison sentence of almost three years for a veteran human rights lawyer who spoke out against the war in Ukraine. The prosecutor demanded that Oleg Orlov, 70, be convicted of “repeatedly defaming” the Russian military and sentenced to two years and 11 months in prison. The demand came in … Read more

Macron urges European leaders to boost Ukraine support, saying Russia ‘must not win’

PARIS (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron told his fellow European leaders Monday to ensure their collective security by providing unwavering support for Ukraine in the face of heavier Russian battlefield offensives in recent months. “We are ensuring our collective security, for today and tomorrow,” Macron said as he hosted 20 European heads of state … Read more

Ukrainian troops pull back again as Russia’s onslaught pushes ahead in eastern Ukraine

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukrainian troops have withdrawn from a village in the country’s east, an army spokesman said Monday, while Russian troops are showing battlefield advantages in manpower and ammunition early this year. the war ‘s third year. The latest setback for Kiev’s soldiers came in the village of Lastochkyne, where they withdrew to … Read more