Czech Republic backtracks on finding cash to buy 800,000 shells for Ukraine – POLITICO

Prague is leading an initiative to purchase 500,000 artillery shells of 155 mm caliber and 300,000 artillery shells of 122 mm caliber for Kiev. A total of 18 countries have agreed to finance the purchases under the Czech Republic-led initiative. While some governments – including Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands – have announced actual financial … Read more

On International Women’s Day, France will seal the right to abortion in its constitution

PARIS (AP) — France on Friday included the guaranteed right to abortion in its constitution, a strong message of support for women’s rights to international Women’s Day. Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti used a 19th-century printing press to seal the amendment to the French Constitution in a special public ceremony. Applause filled the cobbled Place Vendome … Read more

Moldova turns to France in face of threats from Putin – POLITICO

That call was noticed in Moscow. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Wednesday: “Russia is open to providing this assistance, but we prefer to solve all problems without any exception through dialogue, political dialogue,” TASS news agency reported. Strengthen the defense Although Moldovan Foreign Minister Mihail Popșoi sees no immediate threat of a Russian invasion, … Read more

Ukraine Allies Line Up Funds for 800,000 Artillery Shells

Ukraine’s allies have raised almost all the funding needed for a Czech-led initiative to purchase hundreds of thousands of artillery shells, according to a government official familiar with the arrangements. The commitments mean the grenades could be delivered to Ukraine within weeks, according to separate people, who spoke on condition of anonymity. The precise timing … Read more

Putin’s masterful spy op leaves Scholz in the cold – POLITICO

For Putin, who after decades as Russia’s leader is still a spy through and through, there is no greater joy than outsmarting Russia’s opponents in the dark arts (especially Germany, where he built part of his KGB career as an agent). It is fair to say that Putin – however unconsciously – received great support … Read more

French lawmakers approve bill to make abortion constitutional right

PARIS (AP) — French lawmakers on Monday overwhelmingly approved a bill to enshrine the right to abortion in the French constitution, making it the only country to explicitly guarantee women’s right to voluntarily end a pregnancy. The historic move was proposed by President Emmanuel Macron as a way to prevent the kind of rollback of … Read more

France moves to make abortion a constitutional right amid rollbacks in US and Europe – POLITICO Europe

France is pushing to make abortion a constitutional right, amid rollbacks in the US and EuropePOLITICS Europe France will enshrine abortion rights in the constitution as ‘guaranteed freedom’FRANCE 24 English Why Macron hopes the right to abortion will be a political The French Senate votes to enshrine abortion in the constitution, a world firstThe … Read more

The grand master of grandstanding – POLITICO

And yet, it appears Paris didn’t listen – or possibly even care – when Macron publicly raised the possibility, despite the clear response from his allies, which was echoed by leaders gathered in Paris before his press conference. Instead, the French leader noted blandly: “There is no consensus today to officially send ground troops.” So … Read more

Germany’s Scholz vows probe into ‘very serious’ leak of army talks on Ukraine war

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz promised a full investigation on Saturday after what appeared to be a recording of confidential army conversations about the war in Ukraine was posted on Russian social media, potentially causing huge embarrassment to Berlin. Issued on: 02/03/2024 – 14:51Altered: 02/03/2024 – 15:08 3 minutes The head of the Russian state-backed RT … Read more

Ukraine’s in a dire position. Macron’s gaffe made things worse. – POLITICO

Moreover, only 31 percent of respondents overall indicated that they preferred that Europe support Ukraine until it regains occupied territory, while 41 percent preferred that Europe push Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal to negotiate with Russia. Strikingly, “people’s solidarity seems to be wavering in some of the country’s neighbors,” wrote Ivan Krastev and Mark … Read more