UK to send 10,000 drones to Ukraine – POLITICO

Shapps made the announcement after meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “I am increasing our commitment to arming Ukraine with cutting-edge new drones sourced directly from Britain’s leading defense industry – straight from the factory floor to the frontline. I encourage international partners to join Britain in this effort,” Shapps said in a statement. Drones … Read more

Sending Taurus missiles won’t escalate Ukraine war – POLITICO

“It is said at every stage that if you give anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, that is escalation. No, it wasn’t,” Cameron said at a press conference alongside German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Wednesday. ‘If you give tanks to the Ukrainians, that is escalation. No, that wasn’t the case. If you give long-range artillery or … Read more

China to Increase Defense Spending by 7.2% as Xi Jinping Pursues Buildup

China’s defense spending is set to grow 7.2% in 2024 – the highest level in five years – a rise that comes amid signs that corruption is undermining a military overhaul. The central government’s military spending is expected to rise to 1.67 trillion yuan ($231 billion) this year, according to a Finance Ministry report released … Read more

Putin’s masterful spy op leaves Scholz in the cold – POLITICO

For Putin, who after decades as Russia’s leader is still a spy through and through, there is no greater joy than outsmarting Russia’s opponents in the dark arts (especially Germany, where he built part of his KGB career as an agent). It is fair to say that Putin – however unconsciously – received great support … Read more

Houthi rebels namecheck Britain’s newest MP George Galloway – POLITICO

Al-Houthi posted on social network X: “We say to Sunak that you and your government bear responsibility for the ship M/V Rubymar.” The Rubymar, a British cargo ship, sank on Saturday, two weeks after it was attacked by an anti-ship missile on February 18. But he added: “You have a chance to save the M/V … Read more

George Galloway, Britain’s Wildest and Most Controversial Lawmaker, Wins Election

George Galloway, a controversial and outspoken critic of Israeli and US foreign policy, is expected to return to the British parliament after winning a by-election on Thursday evening, which he hailed as a victory “for Gaza”. The veteran campaigner, who once served as a Labor lawmaker in the British Parliament before being expelled from the … Read more

Meta to Wind Down Facebook News Feature in US, Australia

Metaplatforms Inc. is phasing out its news section in the US and Australia, part of a broader shift away from the category for the social media giant. The Facebook News tab, which allows users to see headlines and stories, will become “obsolete” in these two countries in early April, Meta said in a blog post … Read more

Sunak says the UK is descending into mob rule. Critics accuse him of undermining protest rights

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said Britain is sliding toward a “mafia government” because of pressure caused by protests against the Israel-Hamas war – words criticized as alarming by a human rights group. Sunak told a meeting of police leaders on Wednesday that there had been a ‘pattern of increasingly violent and intimidating … Read more

‘Everything’ on table to help Ukraine beat Putin, Estonian PM says – POLITICO

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas said “everything” is on the table to help Ukraine defeat Putin, days after French President Emmanuel Macron caused a firestorm by hinting that sending ground troops to help Kiev was a possibility. Macron’s words sparked a backlash from other allied governments, whose leaders rushed to point out that no troops … Read more

Prince Harry not unfairly stripped of UK security detail after US move, judge rules

LONDON (AP) — Prince Harry was not wrongfully stripped of his state-funded security detail during visits to Britain after giving up his status as a working member of the royal family and moving to the US, a London judge ruled on Wednesday. Judge Peter Lane said in the High Court that the decision to grant … Read more