EU top diplomat urges probe of civilians killed by Israeli fire at Gaza aid station – POLITICO

While calling for an impartial international investigation into the matter, Borrell stressed that “responsibility for this incident lies with the restrictions imposed by the Israeli military and the obstructions by violent extremists to the delivery of humanitarian aid.” On Friday, several EU leaders condemned the killing of 115 Palestinians who tried to get food from … Read more

If Russia hadn’t invaded Ukraine, Hamas wouldn’t have attacked Israel – POLITICO

Russia’s all-out invasion of Ukraine two years ago was the precursor to the militant Hamas group’s attack on Israel last October, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in an interview published Saturday. “If Russia had not invaded Ukraine, in all likelihood Hamas would not have launched such an attack on Israel,” Meloni told Italian newspaper … Read more

Gaza truce talks in Paris reportedly making ‘significant progress’ – POLITICO

According to Hamas, these talks come at a time when air strikes killed about a hundred people in the Gaza Strip on Friday. International efforts to broker a ceasefire appeared to gain momentum again this week after Brett McGurk, a senior US envoy to the Middle East, met with Israeli leaders. On Thursday, Israeli Prime … Read more

Israeli ground offensive in Rafah ‘aimed at making Gaza uninhabitable’

Israel has announced plans to launch a full-scale offensive against the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, claiming it is the only way to “completely destroy” Hamas. But according to former French military officer and author Guillaume Ancel, a large-scale military operation in the city, where half of Gaza’s population now lives, is … Read more