Israel-Hamas War Day 151: What is going on in Gaza?

Hamas publicly insisted that there must be a permanent ceasefire before an agreement is reached on the release of the remaining 134 hostages held in Gaza, in a statement that appeared to contradict Washington’s optimism that an agreement was possible before the beginning of the holy month. of Ramadan. “In the past two … Read more

Hamas official: ‘We don’t know which of the hostages are dead or alive’

Hamas official Basem Naim told AFP on Monday that the terror group did not know which of the hostages were dead or alive. Basem also added that the hostages were being held by many terrorist groups in various locations in the Gaza Strip. According to Basem, a ceasefire is necessary for Hamas to determine … Read more

Israel-Hamas War Day 150: What is going on in Gaza?

The IDF dropped leaflets on Monday calling on Palestinians in northern Gaza not to loot aid trucks passing through the area, days after dozens of people were killed when crowds stormed an aid convoy in an attempt to loot it. “To contribute to improving humanitarian conditions and access to the Northern Gaza Strip, … Read more

Giorgia Meloni: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine brought Hamas massacre

The October 7 massacre of Israelis by Hamas follows Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni told the Milan-based newspaper Il Giornale in an interview on Saturday. When asked if she feared that tensions around the world would lead to World War III, Meloni replied: “What I think … Read more

Hostage talks continue in Paris amid expected Rafah operation

Israel plans to expand the framework for a hostage agreement, Defense Secretary Yoav Gallant told US Middle East envoy Brett McGurk ahead of the latest upcoming detainee summit led by CIA Director Willian Burns. “We will expand the mandate of the officials involved in the hostage negotiations,” Gallant said when the two men met … Read more

IDF to enter Rafah on Ramadan if hostage deal not reached, Gantz says

The IDF is prepared to carry out a military operation in Gaza’s Rafah during the Ramadan holidays, which start in March, unless a hostage agreement is reached, Minister Benny Gantz warned, while France confirmed that medicines intended for the prisoners. “If there is no hostage deal, we will operate during Ramadan,” Gantz told reporters … Read more

Israel-Hamas War Day 138: What is going on in Gaza? – The Jerusalem Post

Israel-Hamas War Day 138: What’s going on in Gaza?The Jerusalem Post An Israeli airstrike in Damascus kills two people, Syrian state television saysReuters Syria says an Israeli strike has hit a residential area in DamascusThe hill Middle East crisis live: Syrian TV says ‘at least two dead in Israeli airstrike on Damascus’The guard Syria says … Read more

Hamas claims it began delivering medicine to Gaza hostages

Hamas has confirmed receipt of a shipment of medicines under a deal brokered by Qatar and has begun delivering the supplies to hostages held in Gaza, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday in a statement. Qatar and France struck a deal last month with Israel and Hamas to supply urgent medicine to hostages … Read more