Russia-Ukraine war updates from March 6, 2024

13 Hours Ago Kremlin says Russia will not interfere with U.S. elections Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday said that Russia would not interfere with the U.S. presidential election later this year, and had not done so in the past. “We never interfered in elections in the United States,” Peskov said, according to Reuters. “And this … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war updates from March 4, 2024

17 Hours Ago NATO soldiers take part in a training exercise Soldiers from various NATO countries on Monday took part in an instalment of NATO’s Steadfast Defender 2024 military training exercise. The months-long exercise is the largest since the Cold War and will take place in various countries across Europe and cover domains including sea, … Read more

What to know about the US plan to airdrop humanitarian aid into Gaza

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States started Saturday air droplets by humanitarian emergency aid to Gaza. President Joe Biden, who announced the operation on Friday, said the US is seeking additional ways to help Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled area. Israel-Hamas war continues. A look at what you need to know: WHEN DID THE AIR DROPS … Read more

Pentagon to lift ban on V-22 Osprey flights, 3 months after fatal crash in Japan

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon will lift a ban on flights with the grounded V-22 Osprey next week, U.S. officials told The Associated Press on Friday, following a high-level meeting where Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin reviewed plans for the military services for a safe and measured return to activities. Officials said Naval Air Systems Command, … Read more

Putin’s State of the Nation focuses on sovereignty, the West and Ukraine

“We have proven that we are ready to solve the most difficult tasks and face the most difficult challenges,” Putin said. “For example, we repelled the aggression of international terrorism, we preserved the unity of the country, we prevented its dismemberment, we supported our brothers and sisters and their desire to belong to Russia,” he … Read more

Putin could announce Russian troops will enter Transnistria region

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with his confidants ahead of the 2024 elections in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, Russia, on January 31, 2024. Maxim Shemetov | Reuters Analysts said Putin could now use his State of the Nation address – an overview of the current situation in the country and Russia’s objectives at … Read more

Democracy’s appeal is slipping before elections around the world

Representative democracy remains a favored system of governance worldwide, but its appeal is waning on the eve of elections in much of the world, according to a survey of 24 democratic countries by the Pew Research Center. released on Wednesday. While a median of 77% in the 24 countries surveyed said representative democracy was a … Read more

House GOP ‘poison pills’ may force spending cuts, rattle economy

U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives Mike Johnson (R-LA) speaks after a briefing with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan at the U.S. Capitol on February 15, 2024 in Washington, DC. Kevin Dietsch | Getty Images President Joe Biden met Tuesday on the budget impasse and aid to Ukraine with House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war updates from Feb 27, 2024

52 Mins Ago French troops could take up non-combat roles in Ukraine war, foreign minister says French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne on Tuesday said French troops could take on non-combat roles rather than active battle in Ukraine. The comments come after French President Emmanuel Macron indicated that Western leaders had discussed sending ground troops to Ukraine, … Read more

Biden is summoning congressional leaders to the White House to talk Ukraine and government funding

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden will convene the top four leaders of Congress at the White House on Tuesday to pressure lawmakers on whether to pass a relief package for Ukraine And Israel, and averting a looming government shutdown next month, a White House official said. The top four leaders include House Speaker Mike … Read more