Sending Taurus missiles won’t escalate Ukraine war – POLITICO

“It is said at every stage that if you give anti-tank weapons to Ukraine, that is escalation. No, it wasn’t,” Cameron said at a press conference alongside German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on Wednesday. ‘If you give tanks to the Ukrainians, that is escalation. No, that wasn’t the case. If you give long-range artillery or … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war updates from March 6, 2024

13 Hours Ago Kremlin says Russia will not interfere with U.S. elections Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday said that Russia would not interfere with the U.S. presidential election later this year, and had not done so in the past. “We never interfered in elections in the United States,” Peskov said, according to Reuters. “And this … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war updates from March 4, 2024

17 Hours Ago NATO soldiers take part in a training exercise Soldiers from various NATO countries on Monday took part in an instalment of NATO’s Steadfast Defender 2024 military training exercise. The months-long exercise is the largest since the Cold War and will take place in various countries across Europe and cover domains including sea, … Read more

The grand master of grandstanding – POLITICO

And yet, it appears Paris didn’t listen – or possibly even care – when Macron publicly raised the possibility, despite the clear response from his allies, which was echoed by leaders gathered in Paris before his press conference. Instead, the French leader noted blandly: “There is no consensus today to officially send ground troops.” So … Read more

Putin’s State of the Nation focuses on sovereignty, the West and Ukraine

“We have proven that we are ready to solve the most difficult tasks and face the most difficult challenges,” Putin said. “For example, we repelled the aggression of international terrorism, we preserved the unity of the country, we prevented its dismemberment, we supported our brothers and sisters and their desire to belong to Russia,” he … Read more

Putin could announce Russian troops will enter Transnistria region

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a meeting with his confidants ahead of the 2024 elections in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, Russia, on January 31, 2024. Maxim Shemetov | Reuters Analysts said Putin could now use his State of the Nation address – an overview of the current situation in the country and Russia’s objectives at … Read more

Macron wants to lead Europe on Ukraine, but France may not let him – POLITICO

So the question is: how far is Macron really willing to go this time? After all, his previous lofty rhetoric on Ukraine has not been matched by action. Most importantly, can he hope to prevail as an energizing Western leader if he fails to take France with him? All French opposition forces are already closing … Read more

Russia-Ukraine war updates from Feb 27, 2024

52 Mins Ago French troops could take up non-combat roles in Ukraine war, foreign minister says French Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne on Tuesday said French troops could take on non-combat roles rather than active battle in Ukraine. The comments come after French President Emmanuel Macron indicated that Western leaders had discussed sending ground troops to Ukraine, … Read more

House China chair demands Elon Musk provide SpaceX internet for U.S. troops in Taiwan

“I understand, however, that SpaceX may withhold broadband internet service in and around Taiwan – possibly in violation of SpaceX’s contractual obligations with the U.S. government,” said the letter, which was signed by Rep. Mike Gallagher, R-Wi. who is chairman of the CCP Committee of the House of Representatives. The Pentagon awarded SpaceX a one-year … Read more

Iran reportedly sends hundreds of ballistic missiles to Russia

Iran presents its first hypersonic ballistic missile ‘Fattah’ (Conqueror) at an event attended by President Ebrahim Raisi and other government officials in Tehran, Iran on June 6, 2023. Sepah News | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images Reuters reported that Iran delivered at least 400 of its Fateh-110 short-range ballistic missiles to Russia in January this … Read more