February 2024 was the hottest on record, with global temperatures surpassing critical climate threshold

The world has suffered another month in a row of record-breaking heat. New data from Copernicus, the European Union’s climate change monitoring service, shows that last month was the warmest February on record globally, with “exceptionally high” temperatures in both the air and sea. The record heat comes as the US continues to battle extreme … Read more

One of the world’s most populated cities is nearly out of water as many go “days if not weeks” without it

Mexico City is home to almost 22 million people. But the sprawling city has been struggling with dwindling water supplies for months – and now one of the world’s most populous cities is on the brink of a ‘day zero’, when it will no longer have enough water to supply its residents. Citing the Valley … Read more

It took decades to recover humpback whale numbers in the North Pacific. Then a heat wave killed thousands.

The North Pacific humpback whale population was once reduced to just a few thousand individuals due to commercial whaling. In 2012 it finally peaked at more than 33,000 whales – and then came ‘The Blob’. In 2013, a mass of warm water hit the region, creating an “expanding hot spot” that stretched from the Gulf … Read more

Renowned climate scientist Michael Mann awarded $1 million in suit over his work being likened to child molester’s acts

Washington – A jury on Thursday awarded $1 million to climate scientist Michael Mann, who 12 years ago sued a pair of conservative writers after they found his images of global warming to a convicted child molester. Mann, a professor of climate science at the University of Pennsylvania, became famous for a graph first published … Read more