Ukraine Has Only A Few Assault Breachers. It Lost One Near Avdiivka.

A US Marine Corps assault buster in 2013. Wikimedia Commons Ukraine has lost only a few armored vehicles in his grueling defensive battle in – and now outside—Avdiivka, a former Ukrainian stronghold just northwest of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. But a few does not mean no. And one of the losses is especially painful for … Read more

Ukraine May Have Deployed One Its Best Brigades To Try Saving Avdiivka

Soldiers of the 3rd Assault Brigade. Photo of the 3rd Assault Brigade Ukraine strengthens Avdiivka. And there are good reasons to believe that it will fortify the eastern city – currently the site of Russia’s winter offensive – with one of the best brigades in the Ukrainian army. The 3rd Assault Brigade. The only The … Read more

Russians Walked Into Avdiivka. Out Of Artillery, Ukraine Flung Drones.

Six Russian soldiers walk towards Avdiivka. Capture of the 110th Mechanized Brigade A team of Russian infantry, who recently marched on foot into Avdiivka in a daylight assault, demonstrated the dangers of the brutal four-month battle for the devastated city just northwest of Russian-occupied Donetsk in eastern Ukraine. A Ukrainian drone spotted the six Russian … Read more