Archbishop slams Biden as a ‘cafeteria Catholic’ who twists his faith for ‘political advantage’

Roman Catholic archbishop laid into President Joe Biden on Easter Sunday — a holy day the nominally Catholic Democrat alternatively recognized as the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” According to Cardinal Wilton Gregory of the Archdiocese of Washington, Biden is a “cafeteria Catholic” whose political agenda appears to dictate what well-defined dogmas and moral teachings he’ll … Read more

Jail Trump: Get It Over With

On Friday, Donald Trump circulated a video featuring a truck tailgate depicting an image of a hog-tied President Joe Biden. On Saturday, Trump stepped up his attack on Loren Merchan — the daughter of Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over Trump’s New York state criminal trial — by posting on his Truth Social platform … Read more

Doomed cargo ship Dali was being piloted by a LOCAL crew who were trained to AVOID obstacles in the Baltimore port – as it emerges 100,000-ton vessel ‘lost control and propulsion’ moments before smashing into the bridge

An initial report found that propulsion may have caused the catastrophe  The crew warned that they ‘lost control’ of the vessel shortly before the smash  The vessel was piloted by a specialist crew trained to avoid impacts   ‘Pilots move ships in and out of the Port of Baltimore,’ he said at a press conference, noting … Read more

Trump Shares Video Featuring Image of a Hog-Tied Biden

The social media post reflects the increasingly violent and personal attacks that Donald J. Trump has employed during the presidential campaign. Former President Donald J. Trump posted a video on Friday to his social media website that features an image of President Biden with his hands and feet tied together. Mr. Trump posted the video … Read more

Young voters are driving far-right surge ahead of key Europe elections

SETUBAL, Portugal — The surprise voters driving the rise of Europe’s far right rushed for selfies in a suburban auditorium. Rita Matias, a 25-year-old ultra-conservative social media influencer, had just called for migrant quotas and curbs on abortion in a political debate. Now her more progressive opponents in sedate blazers and sweaters looked on like … Read more

Book Club: Let’s Talk About Erase, by Percival Everett

Subscribe: Apple podcasts | Spotify | How to listen It’s not often that the Academy Awards give the publishing industry some something to chew on. But at this year’s Oscars — which takes place on Sunday night — one of the Best Picture contenders is all about book publishing: Cord Jefferson’s “American Fiction” is an … Read more