Jail Trump: Get It Over With

I say, call his bluff. And call their bluff.

I don’t say this lightly. I’m all too aware of what might well ensue.

But here’s the thing: If MAGA World is going to blow because Trump is ordered to report to a New York jail for a 10-day stay (ignoring for the moment many questions relative to enforcement), it’s certainly going to blow if and when he loses the “rigged” election in November — if not before that, should he be convicted and sentenced for one or more of his many crimes.

It’s been slow to dawn on us, I think, that the powder is in the keg and the fuse already lit. Just about the only thing that might prevent it from blowing is if Trump wins (or steals) the election, having successfully delayed his trials and avoided any guilty verdicts in the interim. And of course that brings with it its own deadly perils, as Trump has not been shy about sharing with us his plans for gutting our democracy once back in office.

Do It Now!
So let’s get on with it. If Trump is sent to jail for contempt, and if the MAGAs are going to rampage because of it, then it’s better for them to do it now — and over a relatively minor outrage.

Let’s see what they do and what they’ve got. It will tell us a great deal about what is waiting for us down the road when the outrage goes BIG. Think of it as a beta test, or perhaps a safety valve.

Because we’re sitting on that keg whether we like it or not. Denial will do us no good.

Judge Merchan and colleagues, I hope you recognize that at some point appeasing Trump — whether out of concern that subjecting him to the rule of law will just further boost his popularity or from fear that it will bring down the Wrath of MAGA on you personally or on non-MAGA America more generally — is little different from appeasing Adolf Hitler when he kept pushing and testing.

I am sorry that the Merchans are in the crosshairs. But circumstances beyond anyone’s control have chosen them to be our first line of defense against MAGA World’s reckless ringmaster. They will find they do not stand alone.

Bullies and would-be authoritarians like Trump won’t stop unless they are dealt with fearlessly and forcefully. This is a painful lesson we’ve already learned. We just need to apply it to the case at hand.

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