Walmart is selling a $1,300 hot tub on clearance for $500

As the cold weather continues, shoppers can find respite with a hot tub from Walmart.

Customers can find the Seizeen inflatable hot tub at Walmart for $500, down from its original price of $1,300.

The hot tub comes with everything needed to set up and offers over 60% offCredit: Walmart

That is a saving of more than 60%.

The hot tub is suitable for four adults and two children and heats up to 104℉.

In addition, it has 130 massage jets and an automatic heating and constant temperature system.

It also has a water circulation system with water inlet and outlet filters to filter out impurities.

The tub is made of metal and laminated PVC and comes with all materials necessary for installation and use.

Once the hot tub is removed from the packaging, the company says it’s a very “quick installation in just three minutes.”

Shipping is free and only takes a few weeks, according to Walmart’s website.

Please note that price, availability and timeline may vary depending on store and state.


The inflatable hot tub has a few other features that Walmart’s website highlights.

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In the packaging, the bath comes with everything shoppers need.

Some come with a 10-foot by 10-inch power cord, an electric pump, a cover, and an air hose.

It also includes a lockable spa cover that reduces the time it takes to heat the hot tub.

Additionally, it prevents dirt from entering the water, minimizing the filtration process.


Although Walmart is known for its low prices, there may be more ways to save.

Consider downloading the Walmart app as it has hidden clearance deals.

The app has a scanning tool that some use to find sales on items that aren’t discounted on the shelves.

A TikToker and Walmart superfan, Sean (@superunsexy), said stores may be understaffed, meaning changing price tags may not be a top priority.

This means shoppers can scan mispriced items and associates will give you the lower price at the checkout.

The inflatable hot tub has 130 massage jets and automatic heatingCredit: Getty

Additionally, keep an eye out for Great Value brand products.

These are Walmart’s private label products, usually of the same quality and taste as other brands, but at a much lower price.

Shoppers can also find plenty of deals through the website, as Walmart has numerous special offers online.

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Additionally, Walmart shoppers are outraged over a checkout change that forces customers to pay more.

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