Walmart is cracking down on Ohio customers who use them

It is no surprise that inflation has hit our country like a slap in the face. We’ve all been put between a rock and a hard place after a few years of living with weird rules about how much we could communicate and work. Of course, to replenish our economy and keep everyone afloat, we got stimulus checks. Some thought this would be free money, but others knew the government would get it back somehow.

As the cost of living in America continues to rise and we all try to recover from the unprecedented circumstances we’ve found ourselves in, Americans are looking for ways to make ends meet any way they can. where you are going. One about Walmart came out and everyone has been taking advantage of it, so much so that Walmart is cracking down and changing its policies against those who do this.

I know you’re wondering what it is that makes Walmart toppers so upset, it’s just coupons. Shoppers have been using coupons to drive Walmart’s already low prices even lower, and Walmart has had enough. There are 94 Walmart stores in Michigan and they will all adhere to the new guidelines surrounding the use of coupons.

Change coupons

One of the most significant changes is that Walmart will not issue refunds or allow overages to be applied to other items in the transaction if the coupon discount is greater than the item. Customers will also no longer be allowed to use more than four identical coupons per day and Coupons In the News says one of the key changes is that there will be no more overdrafts. If a cash register scanner doesn’t accept the coupon, a manager won’t ignore it.

These changes came into effect on September 24, 2023. This means you can no longer get things for a lower price because the sticker price is lower than the coupon or because invalid/expired coupons are used. The bulk of this is the second half, as managers won’t ignore a coupon that isn’t scanned at the checkout, so pay attention to the expiration dates.

Notable changes

Of course, these aren’t the only changes to coupon policy, and a few of them are a big deal. Now I know sometimes we can get away with grabbing the strawberry flavored applesauce but can still use the coupon even if it is for the cinnamon flavored applesauce, this kind of thing won’t fly anymore.

Walmart’s new discount policy also says:

  • No digital coupons will be accepted on customer phones
  • No expired coupons will be accepted
  • Items must match size, brand, quantity, color, etc., otherwise coupons will not be accepted
  • Only one manufacturer’s receipt per item will be accepted
  • Coupons must be scanned at checkout

These are some serious discount policy upgrades, so before you think you could be the next person to land on extreme coupon deals, know that Walmart isn’t the place to do this because you’ll be turned away because of the new discount policy.

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