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ABOVE: Fairmont native Kevin Edwards with his latest children’s book, “Minni Whinny Ventures Out.”

FAIRMONT — Kevin Edwards is a man with deep roots in the Fairmont community, and he uses his background in psychology to create stories that will provide children with examples of life skills.

“My mother always went to yard and garage sales, and she suffered from migraines, so I always had to play quietly growing up,” said Edwards. “She brought home marbles one day and I created this game, similar to Freeze Tag, where some marbles were the good guys and others had negative power, so when I wrote my first set of books,”Marble Wars,“They were more of a traditional hero story.”

“Marble Wars” was Edward’s first trilogy of children’s books, but now he’s aiming for different content, making life lessons part of the story in his new release, “Minni Whinny takes the plunge”.

His new book “Minni Whinny takes the plunge”, delves into the concept of building character strengths from an early age.

Character strengths can include things like honesty, love of learning, and other traits that people should aspire to.

In the new book, the story is based on a universe where the normal big world exists, but also a small world that avoids contact with the big human world.

Edwards’ first book series was less based on his psychological background, but the new story incorporates some of those ideas.

“This one is about strength of character. I work with people who are dealing with mental health problems and we devise treatment plans to help them in their daily lives.” said Edwards. “I went to a training session once and they were talking about character strengths, like truthfulness, and my book will hopefully send the message to kids that it’s never too early to work on character strengths.”

The story is about a miniature horse named “Neigh” which belongs to a small universe that is always around ours. Winnie finds herself in a sticky situation where a decision has to be made, and it might ruffle some feathers. The book aims to show children that sometimes rules have to be broken to do the right thing or help others.

Edwards grew up in Fairmont, as previously mentioned, and graduated from Fairmont High School in 1978.

He attended Minnesota State University in Mankato before transferring to the University of Kansas in Lawrence for a doctorate in psychology.

He hopes to return “Minni Whinny takes the plunge” in a series similar to what he did with his “Marble Wars” trilogy.

“It would be fun to do a series about Mini Whinny and expand to more character strengths,” said Edwards. “My first series was less focused on psychology and more for fun, so I’d like to do more with this if I can.”

Edwards talked about how he started creating a book series.

“It’s fun, many of us feel a creative self within us, it’s on my bucket list,” said Edwards. “I got a grant for a photography mentor program, so all the photos in “MiniWinnie” were done by me, so there is a lot of creativity involved, even the dam here in Fairmont is in the book.”

He made no bones about the fact that it was a joint effort. His skills will take him so far, but there is always a support system in place.

“It takes more than me to do the book, sometimes it takes a lot of people to get to know your creative path, it’s a cooperative adventure,” said Edwards.

Edwards’ book “Minni Whinny takes the plunge” is available on Amazon after a few corrections, and he previewed a future book project titled: “My first ABC Streetrod,” which discusses, among other things, his love for hot rod cars.

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