March Books for Children – Words Matter

Words are important. This month, help children from birth to teens learn that the words they say make a difference. They can hurt or heal, entertain (lots of giggling in this group) and inform. And every child has a voice that deserves to be heard.

Learn to Talk – A science-backed speech series for babies by Stephanie Cohen (Sourcebooks, birth age – 4)

Written by a speech therapist, these bright, engaging board books will capture babies’ attention with pictures of sweet, happy faces and simple words. The photos show real mouth positions as if the children depicted were speaking the words on the page. The four-book series is about ‘mama’, ‘dada’, things that go, and more.

‘The door that had never been opened before’ by Mr. and Mrs. MacLeod (Union Square Kids, ages 4 and up)

The door that had never been opened before

This duo’s first book, How to Eat a Book, was an award-winning storytime favorite in 2023, and this book is sure to follow suit. Kids will love shouting out the lyrics and giggling the whole time.

“The Thingamajig” by Rilla Alexander (Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, available March 26, ages 4 – 8)

The Thingamajig

What is that word you can’t remember? You know, for that thing you can’t find? This hilarious picture book helps kids learn new, weird-sounding vocabulary words about thingamajigs and whozeewhatzits. This provides fun story times and reading aloud in the classroom.

‘Five words that are mine’ by Melissa Seron Richardson, illustrated by Addy Rivera Sonda (Sourcebooks, ages 4 and up)

Five words that are mine

Words we use to describe ourselves and others use to describe us can convey power, both good and bad. This lively picture book teaches you all about the ways those words help and hurt, and has the bonus of adding some bilingual vocabulary along the way.

“I Am, I Can, I Will: A Guided Journal of Self-Discovery for Black Girls” by Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter and Ruth Chamblee (Workman Publishing)

I am I can I want

This beautiful, insightful book is packed with stories of strong Black women. Each activity is followed by journal prompts (and space to complete each activity) that can help girls discover their own strengths.

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