Jessica Biel wrote a children’s book about menstruation, hoping to destigmatize the subject

If you’re at all familiar with the story of NASA sending Sally Ride into space for a week and asking if 100 tampons would be enough to last the entire trip, then it might make sense why Jessica Biel wrote her debut children’s book about space . subject of menstruation.

“People don’t talk about periods enough,” Biel said in an interview with PEOPLE about “A Kids Book About Periods,” which she hopes will destigmatize the topic and educate young people, regardless of gender identity, before they become adults without the necessary information in the world. “I’ve always felt strongly that we need to normalize the discussion about periods, and as a parent, writing this book felt like an organic way to bring kids into the conversation from the start.”

Scheduled for release on May 7 as the latest addition to Penguin Random House subsidiary DK’s “A Kids Book About” series in collaboration with the nonprofit PERIOD, Biel drew on her own personal experiences while writing the book and said she felt terrified and unprepared when she got her period for the first time and wants to help prevent others from going through that too.

“When we adults have the confidence to tell the truth about how our bodies work, we give the children around us the agency and voice to talk about their own bodies with confidence, now and for the rest of their lives,” she says. say.

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