‘I promise I won’t eat them,’ shouts Walmart shopper in shock at new security in laundry aisle

SHOPPERS are resorting to humor to deal with their frustrations as they face ever-increasing and disruptive anti-theft measures.

Walmart has come under fire from customers in recent weeks for changing its anti-theft and self-checkout policies to be less customer-centric and more focused on the bottom line.

A Walmart customer recently vented his frustrations to X after finding a common household item locked upCredit: Getty
“The whole aisle under lock and key, I just want to do my laundry,” they wrote in the post. I promise I won’t eat them Walmart,” the user wrote of the locked Tide PodsCredit: X/VinOneMoreTime

The store cited increased shoplifting and theft-related decline in changing their policy.

President and CEO Doug McMillon noted a “historically high” rate of shoplifting for the company and predicted that Walmart and other major brands would close locations in 2023 because of the problem.

A Walmart representative explained to Fox affiliate KMPH that certain merchandise is “subject to additional security.”

“These decisions are made on a store-by-store basis,” she added.

“Walmart will continue to explore additional ways to protect its products… and keep product in stock for the millions of customers it serves each week.”

Customers don’t see these changes as protecting products, as one frustrated customer says pointed to X.

The user posted a five-second video documenting an aisle of Tide Pods sitting behind closed glass cabinets.

“Whole damn aisle under lock and key, I just want to do my laundry,” they wrote in the post.

Then the user called back to an old, dangerous Internet challenge.

“I promise I won’t eat them Walmart,” the user ended his post.

‘Y’all need to do better with your policies,’ says former Walmart employee furious about new return policy change

What the poster is referring to is the Tide Pod Challenge that emerged in 2018 and saw internet users taking the detergent.

At the time, so many people, many children, were taking on the challenge that Tide made a statement.

In a statement, the company said: “Our laundry bags are a highly concentrated detergent intended to clean clothes… They are not to be played with, no matter the circumstance, even if it is intended as a joke.”

People appreciated the user’s joke and agreed that Walmart is increasingly taking anti-theft measures.

‘No, that’s crazy. What else is locked up like this? Just the detergent?’ one user asked.

“Few other things but mostly this crazy,” the original poster replied.

Another poster was also shocked to see that laundry detergent was also locked in their store, which stirred up other customers with their observation.

“Well, they won’t lock up criminals, so… everyone is treated like a criminal now,” said one X user.

“I can’t imagine how many units they have to sell to cover the cost of those locked storage lockers…absolutely crazy,” mused another.


Walmart is not alone in its customer and anti-theft problems; their competitor Target is in similar shoes.

The retailer lost $500 million more in lost and stolen products in 2023 than in 2022.

For this reason, Target has implemented several policies and store changes, sending shoppers into a panic.

“My target got so shitty. Only one cashier open. Everything is locked. It takes forever for someone to come and unlock things,” someone wrote on X.

“And there are four elevators in the parking lot, and none of them work. You have to go back into the store to get up. I’m over it,” they added.

One major change is that items will be locked behind anti-theft glass to deter would-be thieves.

Supplies such as laundry detergent, toothpaste and hand soap are now closed to shoppers, who must call an employee to assist them.

“The company is going bankrupt because I don’t buy things that are locked. I just go to another store,” one person wrote online.

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