I left $100 at Walmart

A WALMART shopper lost $100 but managed to get his money back using a self-checkout.

The customer collected some money to spend on a Mother’s Day gift, but it disappeared five minutes later.

A Walmart customer said they lost $100 cash at the store and a self-checkout machine was used in the hunt for the money (stock image used)Credit: Getty Images – Getty

This incident occurred at a Walmart store on the 600 block of Phoenix Drive in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

According to CBS affiliate WTKR, the man had withdrawn $100 in cash from a self-checkout counter.

He then accidentally left the money at the machine and walked out of the store.

The man realized his mistake and came back inside five minutes later, but his money was no longer in the ATM.

Security cameras showed the next customer in line seeing the money and reportedly looking both ways before pocketing the money, according to court documents seen by WTKR.

This was a problem, as Virginia law states that people must try to find the owner of a lost item.

The surveillance video reportedly did not find that person or ask an employee or any other customer about the lost money.

Under Virginia law, this could have been considered theft or petit larceny.

Police said the second customer used a debit card to make his purchase after taking cash, according to WTKR.

Police added that they used the card information to serve a search warrant.

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No arrests had been made at the time and it is unclear whether the matter has been resolved.

The US Sun has reported on other cases of cash found in Walmart stores.

A Walmart employee said he was stunned after being punished two days after returning cash he found at the store.

The maintenance worker claimed he was about to hand over $350 worth of bills he found in the store to the manager, but said a customer distracted him.

The incident happened at a Walmart store on Phoenix Drive, Virginia BeachCredit: Google Maps

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