‘I hate it so much,’ fumes Walmart shopper ‘shoulder checked’ by employee over receipt

AN offended Walmart shopper is in disbelief at how aggressive some employees are in demanding receipt checks when they legally cannot be forced to do so.

The customer decided not to participate in the receipt audit and declined to do so on a recent trip, but a Walmart employee almost checked her for it.

The Walmart shopper said she never wants to shop there again because of receipt checksCredit: Getty
Receipt checks cannot be forced, employees can ask to see them and shoppers can choose to say yes or noCredit: Getty

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Brie also emphasized that the law does not protect receipt checks.

“I never show my receipt when I leave Walmart because the law doesn’t even have to, and just now the checker checked me damn near my shoulder as I walked past her,” Brie said on X.

“I hate that store so much, I have to go back and never go there again.”

Receipt checks cannot be forced, employees can ask to see them and shoppers can choose to say yes or no.

They can only detain someone if there is reasonable suspicion that he has stolen something.


A Walmart employee even confirmed that you don’t have to comply with receipt checks.

“I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to show your receipt,” Captain Rudy 4021 (@captainrudy4021) explained in a video on TikTok.

‘I never stop,’ says Walmart shopper after bypassing receipt checks with visual response that ‘angers employees’

Rudy said Walmart’s policy is that employees can only ask for receipts when something has been removed from its packaging, but they can’t enforce that either.

“The person checking receipts should only ask you for your receipt if you have something in your cart that is not in a shopping bag,” Ruby added.

“If all your items are in grocery bags, they’re not supposed to ask you for your receipt.

“Let’s say you have some detergent in your cart that isn’t in a bag.

“They ask for your receipt, you don’t have to show them your receipt.”

Rudy informed shoppers that they can continue walking if they choose.

“All you have to do is say ‘no’ and keep walking.

“They’re not allowed to stop you, they’re not allowed to hold you or anything like that.”

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