Biden’s 2024 State of the Union address concludes

Former President Trump lambasted President Biden on Thursday evening ahead of his State of the Union address by posting a video on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“Joe Biden is on the run from his criminal record and lying like crazy in an attempt to avoid responsibility for the horrific destruction he and his party have wrought — all the while continuing the very policies that are causing this horror show to fail, Trump said in the video. “We as a country can no longer tolerate this.”

Trump said Biden’s speech on Thursday evening will be a “sad excuse for a State of the Union address.”

The Republican Party’s frontrunner and presumptive 2024 nominee said that when he left office, he left Biden with the most secure border in United States history.

“We gave him Remain in Mexico, very hard to get, but I got it…an asylum ban, Title 42, 571 miles of border wall, rapid deportations and much more,” Trump said. our country. As soon as he came in, Crooked Joe and his radical left lunatics deliberately dismantled all those policies that were so good.”

“What has happened now is a horror show: the country, our country, is being laughed at around the world,” Trump said. “Biden has actively aided and abetted the importation of millions and millions of illegal alien migrants and resettled them in your communities.”

Trump labeled “Crooked” the “most incompetent president we’ve ever had.”

“He is allowing the large numbers of illegal migrants and illegal aliens to flow into the country,” he said, adding that many illegal migrants come from “mental institutions and prisons.”

“The very first bill Joe Biden sent to Congress was a plan to turn illegal aliens into voting citizens,” Trump said, adding sarcastically, “That’s exactly what we need.”

Trump also denounced Biden’s economic policies, stating:

“It’s time to tell Crooked Joe Biden: You’re fired.”

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