Better Buy: Target vs. Walmart Stock

One has performed much better than the other in the past year, but both Walmart (NYSE:WMT) And Goal (NYSE: TGT) stocks have attractive qualities as long-term investments. For example, retailers are currently improving their profit margins and driving sales in a highly competitive industry. They have also each increased their dividend payments for more than fifty years in a row.

Let’s look at some reasons why you might choose one of these stocks over the other for your portfolio right now.

Investors were happy to learn that Target expects to return to growth in 2024 after a tough year of declines. The post-pandemic demand hangover has hit the retailer hard as it sells a larger share of consumer products such as home furnishings, while Walmart’s focus on essentials shielded it from the worst of the downturn. Comparable sales fell 4% at Target in 2023 and 6% at Walmart.

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