AR Retailer Hair Care Experiences: Walmart Beauty Virtual Trial

Walmart Beauty Virtual Try-On has been enhanced by the retailer to now provide access to hair color products, which will significantly improve the shopping experience for consumers. The augmented reality (AR) beauty shopping experience allows customers to virtually try out nearly 500 hair color products from major brands like Revlon, Wella, Madison and more. Shoppers can then add the product directly to their cart to streamline online shopping for hair colors and dyes.

EVP and Chief eCommerce Officer at Walmart US Tom Ward and VP Optical, Walmart Health & Wellness David Reitnauer spoke about the enhanced Walmart Beauty Virtual Try-On experience, saying, “We know that helping customers better visualize how products look will look like in real life, not only saves them time, but also gives them confidence that the items they need will work for them and their lives. With adaptive retailing, Walmart brings the best aspects of one channel to another , so in recent years there has been increased investment in AR and VR technologies to better help customers imagine what fashion, beauty and home goods would look like virtually.”

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