Walmart plans to make major changes to self-checkout in stores

Walmart is about to make another controversial change to its self-checkout, with a new trial reportedly already underway in some stores.

A number of customers have expressed frustration over the problems associated with the divisive self-checkouts, and Walmart is clearly listening.

Change could be coming, as reports suggest customers may need to log into an app before using self-checkout.

According to Business Insider, the self-checkout lanes may be reserved for the retailer’s Spark delivery drivers or Walmart+ subscribers.

While this implies that self-checkout lanes would be seen as a more elitist way of shopping, some claim they are eager to get back to doing business the old-fashioned way.

However, some argue that this means Walmart needs more staff, as there have been complaints in recent months about long lines due to low staffing levels.

Walmart spokesperson Joe Pennington told BI that this comes from listening to recent customer feedback.

“Based on a variety of factors, including customer and associate feedback, shopping patterns and business needs, some locations are temporarily testing different cashier options,” he said.

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