Walmart lets you create your own Easter basket for under $20

Easter is just a bunny hop, hop and skip! If you haven’t started planning the vacation yet, you know how overwhelming it can be for your sanity and your wallet. There’s that big Easter brunch to prepare, all those eggs to dye for the hunt, and so many little Easter fillers and candies to buy to fill those festive baskets… Eek, that’s a lot! 🫣

Well, Walmart must have sensed your impending stress because they introduced a new online tool this year that makes it so easy to put together and order an entire Easter basket with just a few clicks. Then all you have to do is pick it up at your local store or have it delivered to your home. And did we mention they all start at under $20?

Build an Easter basket

Head over to their Easter basket construction site and take a look. For $18.95 you get each of the following items: a bunny ear headband, a light-up pink duck cup, a pouch, an M&M Easter bunny stick, and a reusable jelly carrier to carry it all. It’s pre-populated for one of each, but you can easily add or remove items to customize it further. All prices are listed so you know exactly how much everything costs.

And what do you think? All you have to do is click “Add All to Cart” and you’re done. It’s that simple! Then, depending on your needs, you can schedule an in-store pickup or delivery. Of course, if you would like to add more to the baskets than what is listed, you can certainly do so. It’s Walmart after all, so there are thousands of items to choose from on their site and add to your scheduled delivery.

Has this news about the DIY basket at Walmart eased the Easter stress a bit? Good! While we’re at it, you might also want to check out their handy Easter Meal for Less page, where you can order all the groceries you need for Easter dinner in one place. They have a spiralized ham, vegetarian side dishes, and even a dessert that you can order for takeout through Easter on March 31. (And in case you’re wondering, yes, Walmart is open on Easter.)

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