Walmart confirms new ‘hours or less’ service after Target announced its loyalty program

WALMART confirmed the rollout of a new one-hour or less delivery service, right after Target launched its new paid membership program.

Retailers are neck and neck in a race to launch a successful same-day delivery service that can rival Amazon Prime.

Walmart shoppers can now have their groceries delivered to their homes as early as 6 a.mCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Walmart is expanding its same-day delivery options and will now incorporate early morning hours into its services to meet growing consumer demand.

Orders placed at 6 a.m. can be delivered in an hour or less under the expansion, a Walmart spokesperson told Axios.

According to the company’s U.S. executive vice president Tom Ward, per Axios, there will be a $10 express fee on all orders and a basic delivery fee for shoppers who are not Walmart+ members.

The announcement comes two days after Target said it is introducing a subscription program with unlimited same-day deliveries to drive growth.

But the timing was – according to Ward – only linked to the upcoming summer time to give shoppers more ‘time back’.

In a Walmart press release, the big-box retailer gave examples of things customers might need in a pinch, such as baby essentials, work clothes, home appliances and outdoor gear.

Walmart shoppers can now choose from two different morning express options.

One includes delivery in an hour or less for a cost of $10, while the other promises delivery in three hours for $5.

Customers should note that they may see additional charges on their bill if they are not a Walmart+ member.

The Teller recorded that Walmart+ members spent 76% more than the average Walmart shopper.

Walmart’s outage is causing customers to leave stores as sales and returns are temporarily halted at thousands of locations

The American Sun has contacted Walmart in a request for comment.


Target has introduced a new same-day delivery service and on a similar timeline to Walmart.

The retailer recently announced that its subscription service will launch on April 7.

Target Circle 360 ​​offers members unlimited free same-day delivery on orders over $35 in just one hour and free two-day shipping.

In addition, subscribers would gain access to Shipt Marketplace, which offers same-day delivery from more than 100 retailers nationwide, and can expect more membership benefits over time.

Members who sign up before May 18 will pay $49 per year. Those who join after the deadline will spend $99.

Meanwhile, an Amazon Prime membership currently costs $14.99 per month and $139 per year.

Prime Video benefits are included with an Amazon Prime membership.

Prime Video can also be purchased as a standalone subscription for $8.99.

A Walmart+ subscription costs $12.95 per month and $98 per year.

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