United Way of Treasure Valley is gearing up for its ninth annual book drive

BOISE BENCH- – United Way of Treasure Valley is raising awareness for childhood literacy through an annual event.

  • United Way of Treasure Valley is gearing up for their 9th annual children’s book drive.
  • From March 11 to March 29, United Way will accept book donations for Treasure Valley youth
  • Delivery locations are at participating Albertsons, CapEd and WaFd locations.

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Literacy is an important tool that we want to use every day and it is especially important for children’s development. United Way of Treasure Valley raises awareness for childhood literacy through an annual event.

“He looks at certain books with pictures and says ‘dada’ for dogs, so he points to a random dog in a book and says ‘dada,’” Maya Medley said.

Maya Medley brings her son, Theodore, to the Boise Library every week for story time. Their families sing songs and read books, with an emphasis on improving children’s literacy.

Micaela Brittsan is the Boise Library’s youth services librarian.

“It’s up to them to be able to identify that books have language and words on the page, so when they come into contact with books they understand and just learn different vocabulary that they wouldn’t normally hear,” says Micaela Brittsan, youth services librarian at Boise. Library.

Meagan Moering is also a parent who attends the story time at the library. She says: “My understanding is that the sooner you can start the better and it’s also good for him socially.”

It’s also an important issue for the United Way of Treasure Valley as they prepare for their annual book drive to benefit local children.

“It’s super important that we push the books, but what we really want to push is literacy,” said Shawn Reilly of United Way.

The organization will collect book donations from March 11 to 29.

They accept books for all ages, but Shawn Reilly, director of Resource Development and Community Engagement at United Way, says the focus is on books for kindergarten through fifth grade.

“We want to ensure that third graders can read at a third-grade level by the time they leave third grade. This is the greatest indicator of a child’s success,” says Reilly.

The books will be given to local children to keep for themselves at home, in the hope that today’s readers will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Medley says, “Even if they don’t understand what the book means, the moral or anything like that, they will pick up the repetitions, eventually they will start to pick up what the words are if you point to the words as you read.”

And that’s something United Way wants all children to experience, regardless of their home situation.

“The nature of another family living with another family, living in a mission, living in a motel, they don’t have the opportunity to have books like you and I might have had growing up and we want to do everything we can to to help them write a book,” says Shawn Reilly.

You can drop off the books participating at Albertsons, CapEd and WaFd branches.

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