New jobs incoming for Robinson; Walmart wants to open a milk processing plant in 2026

ROBINSON, Texas – Walmart is bringing a new milk processing plant to McLennan County, the company announced Thursday.

The company said the Robinson facility will open by 2026 and create approximately 400 jobs for the community.

Walmart’s Vice President of Manufacturing, Bruce Heckman, said in a statement:

“We are pleased to provide Texas and surrounding states with high-quality milk sourced primarily from Texas dairy farmers. This new facility continues our commitment to building a more resilient and transparent supply chain and ensuring our customers’ needs for this everyday product are met.”

Texas leaders across the state have commented on the company’s local investments, including Governor Greg Abbott, who called the faculty announcement “exciting news for Texas.”

“World-renowned companies like Walmart continue to choose Texas for our unparalleled business climate, lower operating costs and highly skilled, diverse and growing workforce,” Governor Abbott said in a statement. “This major investment is a testament to the promise of economic success in Texas, and I thank Walmart for choosing McLennan County as the location for its important new facility.”

Walmart said there is a growing demand for high-quality milk and this new facility provides transparency into where their products come from locally.

The new facility will be able to produce a variety of milk products for Walmart’s Great Value brand in more than 750 store locations outside of Texas, as well as in states including Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi.

Robinson Mayor Bert Echterling said he is excited about the growth of new businesses in the city’s industrial sector.

Mayor Echterling said in his announcement:

“Today marks a momentous occasion as we welcome Walmart, a pioneering industry leader, to our community. This monumental investment is the first of its kind in both size and value and heralds a transformative era for Robinson. Walmart’s decision to plant roots here is a testament to the strength of our local economy, the dedication of our workforce and the strategic benefits our city offers. This groundbreaking development not only promises job creation and economic growth, but also underlines Robinson’s position as a hub for innovation and progress.”

McLennan County Judge Scott M. Felton said the county has been named one of the top regions for food and beverage manufacturing companies.

Walmart said it has committed $350 billion over the next decade as part of its Investing in American Jobs initiative – an effort by the company to invest in products that are made, produced, grown or assembled in the United States.

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