‘My time is worth more,’ says Walmart shopper after shopping decision forces him to use a different checkout option

A WALMART shopper has smashed the store after taking a controversial action during their shopping trip.

The customer complained about long lines at a store in City of Industry, California, about 20 miles east of Los Angeles.

A Walmart shopper slammed the store after the long wait times they experienced during their store visit (stock image used)Credit: Alamy

Mystic Spiral (@MysticSpiral_13) took to X, formerly Twitter, to share their recent experiences.

The customer first complained about the store’s decision to close self-checkouts, forcing them to wait in line for a cashier.

“Hey @Walmart @walmarthelp, here’s ANOTHER issue with store #2251 City of Industry,” the customer wrote in the after.

“There are a lot of employees walking around, but the shelves are still empty. Why?

“It used to take me about 3 minutes to scan, pay and leave.

“Now they have closed them and all they have left is a manned cash register.”

The customer then added how long their recent experience had taken compared to their previous use of self-checkout.

“I timed how long I waited in line for checkout to complete… 8 minutes and 47 seconds,” they wrote in a second after.

“Almost 9 minutes!!!”

The customer added in a third afterthat their frustration did not end there, as they had to wait again for another controversial measure.

Walmart’s plan to end self-checkout at select stores divides shoppers after complaints about wait times

“And then they feel like they want me to wait in a second line to check my receipt! F**k that,” they wrote.

“I walked by because my time is worth more than what #WALMART had already wasted.”

The US Sun has previously reported on other customers taking to social media to complain about long queues at self-checkout stores.

One customer said she had to wait 25 minutes for a cashier during her recent visit.

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