Man accused of attempted carjacking at Grindstone Walmart arrested, charged


A man accused of stealing a vehicle at gunpoint from the Grindstone Parkway Walmart in Columbia has been arrested and charged.

Timothy Donnell, 68, was charged Thursday with vehicle hijacking. He is being held in the Boone County Jail without bond. Court records show he was convicted of sodomy and robbery in 1992 and sentenced to 63 years in prison, but was released on parole in January 2022. He was scheduled to appear in court for the first time on Thursday.

According to the probable cause statement, a woman was approached by Donnell on Feb. 2 in the Walmart parking lot in the 1200 block of Grindstone Parkway. Donnell allegedly walked up to the victim while she was putting groceries in her car and asked if she was done with her shopping cart. The woman gave him the cart, according to the affidavit.

The woman got into her Cadillac, went to close the door and Donnell stood on the driver’s side of the vehicle, asked the victim if she had lost a phone and extended his arm while holding a cellphone, the affidavit said. The victim could see a gun in his other hand, the statement said.

Donnell allegedly told the woman to “move over” or “drive over” several and the victim told him “no” each time before Donnell left.

Police viewed video from the store that showed Donnell approaching the victim. The victim handed him the cart and Donnell allegedly walked a “short distance” and let go of the cart before approaching the vehicle. Court documents say the video showed Donnell walking into the store, purchasing an item from a vending machine and then following the victim out of the store.

Police posted a photo of Donnell on Facebook on Monday and asked for his identity. Donnell then went to Columbia police on Tuesday and identified himself as the man in the photo, the statement said. He was arrested at his home on Wednesday, the statement said.

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