Israel gives Hezbollah deadline for diplomatic end to conflict – report

Israel has reportedly told Hezbollah that it has until March 15 to resolve the conflict diplomatically, according to an article published on Thursday by Lebanese media source Al-Akhbar.

The article claims that US envoy Amos Hochstein has tried to curb conflicts “on the southern front” as a preparatory stage for Israel to reach a comprehensive agreement with Lebanon.

US officials are reportedly applying pressure out of fear that a larger conflict with Hezbollah would “become a fuse that would blow up the entire region.”

Lack of confidence in diplomatic resolutions

While Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is cited for telling Hochstein that Israel is committed to finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict, Al-Akhbar claimed that an anonymous Western diplomatic source said a diplomatic solution would not be enough to ensure a conflict-free to guarantee a solution. to the situation.

“The political path [is] not enough for reassurance, despite the US side’s insistence on drafting the initials of the Beirut-Tel Aviv agreement,” the source said. “which revolves around consolidating the ceasefire, resolving the dispute on the disputed points, finding a formula for Shebaa Farms and Kfar Shuba, and formulating a lasting solution that avoids a major clash. ”

Hezbollah’s outpost monitors the northern settlements. (credit: Amir Buhbut)

The source also said: “Hochstein has become convinced of the difficulty of stopping the fighting in Lebanon before it stops in Gaza, and he is also convinced that Hezbollah does not want an escalation.

“There is also a belief that the 45-day ceasefire period will be an opportunity to gather aid for the military, mobilize resources, secure necessary logistical equipment and secure necessary funds.”

Speaking about European efforts to quell the conflict, the source said: “The Europeans, especially the British, believe that France should coordinate with the Americans regarding the political arrangements because the American side plans to to be launched when the ceasefire comes into effect. in Gaza.

“The process of deploying the watchtowers that Britain proposed to build on the southern border will be one of the measures taken, and coordination is underway on this with the Lebanese army and the US side.”

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