“Is that what I mean?” asks Walmart shopper to share his simple answer when asked to show receipt

WALMART shoppers have been quick to defend a customer who feared their response to receipt checks could be seen as ‘mean’.

The customer said they refuse to show their receipt after paying for their items and choose to walk out immediately.

Walmart associates check customers’ receipts as they leave the store in an effort to prevent shoplifting, but many customers refuse receipt checksCredit: Getty

“Am I mean for always walking past the people who want to see your receipt at Walmart?” the shopper wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Many users rushed to their defense, with one person writing: “No, I do the same.”

Another Walmart fan agreed, adding, “Absolutely not and after the no bag law passed they feel entitled to play these security games.

“I look back at them, like they’re walking around.”

However, others said the tactic can make that person seem suspicious and give employees reason to think they haven’t been paid.

“No, but now I think you’re stealing,” one person wrote.

“Sometimes they’re honestly just trying to do their job,” sympathized another.

The US Sun contacted the original X user for comment.


Walmart’s receipt checks are an attempt to combat rising theft rates caused by self-checkout, but regardless of the reason, consumers aren’t happy with them.

The policy has left many shoppers feeling like criminals, while others believe the practice infringes on their rights.

At retailers like Costco and Sam’s Club, shoppers agree to receipt checks as part of their membership.

My husband begs and prays for Walmart to ask for his receipt – he has the perfect answer, it’s all about trust

However, shoppers at Walmart and retailers like Kroger and Target did not sign a contract.

According to attorneys at The Hive Law, shoppers in most U.S. states are not required to show their receipts.

However, if an employee has probable cause that the items have been stolen and a customer refuses the receipt check, the customer may be arrested.

“Even if you don’t have to comply with the store’s request, you may still want to do so,” says attorney Amy Loftsgordon.

A Walmart employee similarly took to TikTok to tell shoppers they didn’t have to show their receipts, telling them they could “just keep walking” if asked.

He also explained under what circumstances an employee will ask for your receipt.

“The person checking receipts should only ask you for your receipt if you have something in your cart that is not in a shopping bag,” he said.

“Say you have some detergent in your cart that’s not in a bag. They ask for your receipt, you don’t have to show them your receipt.

“All you have to do is say ‘no’ and move on,” the employee concluded.

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