Incredible Videos Shows Iron Done Intercepting Rockets From Leban

A pair of stunning videos show the Iron Dome in Israel going to work against a rocket attack launched from Lebanon.

Israel continues to battle Hamas in Gaza and there’s growing tensions on the border with Lebanon amid fears a broader conflict could unfold against Hezbollah.

There have been multiple attacks on both sides of the Israeli/Lebanese border, but so far, no broader war has been sparked. However, that hardly means the situation is de-escalating.

That was on full display during a massive rocket barrage launched on Kiryat Shmona by the Lebanese terrorist group. The Iron Dome defense system, a system AOC once cried over being funded, was fired up to defend the area, and the footage of the rockets being intercepted is nothing short of incredible.

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The Iron Dome is an incredible piece of military equipment.

The Iron Dome is one of the most impressive military wonders in modern history. It was designed by the Israelis and Americans and has had great success.

The system works by tracking incoming missiles or rockets and then responds by firing its own missiles to intercept the enemy fire.

Many people think that the Iron Dome missiles directly hit incoming rockets or rockets. It’s a common misconception. That’s not how it works. The Iron Dome projectiles simply explode near enemy fire, which is enough to destroy incoming fire.

Think of it as an incredible amount of buckshot being thrown into the air to hit whatever is coming. That’s a bit of a simple explanation, but it will make sense to anyone familiar with shotguns. A similar concept, but much more advanced.

The device is also incredibly important when it comes to keeping Israel safe. Israelis face the constant threat of rocket attacks from Gaza and Lebanon. The Iron Dome provides the Israeli people with a solid level of protection that truly minimizes the risks of incoming attacks. Despite AOC’s tears, the system is the definition of a necessity.


Hopefully the Iron Dome will continue to hold up against terrorist attacks. The images are truly incredible. Let me know your thoughts at

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