‘Deal with it,’ warns Walmart shopper with chain receipt check ultimatum

A WALMART shopper stated that when using self-checkouts, the retailer should make room for some customers’ incorrectly scanned items and eliminate the receipt checking policy.

The statement comes as Kalamazoo, Michigan, County Board of Commissioners Chairman Tami Rey was charged with retail fraud after a Walmart employee discovered in December that she had failed to scan a blanket, but it was recently rejected.

X user Brian stated: ‘They’re going to have to deal with people missing some scans’Credit: Alamy
Walmart filed suit after Tami Rey, a chairman of the Kalamazoo Board of Commissioners, failed to scan a blanket during an $800-$1,000 shopping tripCredit: Getty
Rey offered to pay for the blanket, but Walmart still filed charges, saying her experience being accused of theft was humiliating.Credit: Kalamazoo County Government

A user on

The after said: “Tami Rey was shopping at Walmart when she was stopped for a blanket that had not been scanned,” according to CBS affiliate WWMT in Kalamazoo.

“Retail Fraud Charges Against Kalamazoo County Board Chairman Dismissed.”

Brain responded to the post and agreed with the decision to drop Rey’s charges.

“Really… if Walmart wants everyone to do a self-scan, they’re going to have to deal with people missing some scans,” Brian said on X.

“There is no reason why I should have to show my receipt to leave the store.”

Brian even suggested that instead of blaming customers for the incorrectly scanned items, Walmart should have employees check to make sure all items were purchased at checkout.

“How about paying people to check the carts as they check out to make sure they don’t miss anything,” Brian added.

Rey said her experience at Walmart being accused of theft was humiliating.

She pleaded not guilty to the retail fraud charge and it was “dismissed without prejudice” on Tuesday, according to court documents obtained by WWMT.

‘I never stop,’ says Walmart shopper after bypassing receipt checks with visual response that ‘angers employees’

In total, Rey paid $800-$1000 in merchandise from Walmart and only scanned the blanket incorrectly.

She offered to pay for the item and insisted it was a mistake, but Walmart still filed charges.

“I offered to pay for the item, but the officer insisted Walmart wanted to press charges,” Rey said.

“This incident was humiliating and I have filed both a customer relations and ethics complaint against Walmart.

The outcome seemed racially motivated, ridiculous, petty and unacceptable.”

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