30 Affordable Walmart Products for Your Kitchen

This blender comes with one blade for nutritious smoothies, creamy sauces and spicy salsas, one grinding blade for grinding freshly ground coffee and spices, one 13.5 oz blending jar, one 16 oz to-go cup with handle, one six-ounce grinding jar, one No Drippy Sippy flexible straw and twist-off lid, two lip rings make drinking from the cups comfortable, one shake lid and two storage lids that convert the cups into blend-and-store containers.

Promising review: “I loved the travel mug that came with the beautiful rocket blender. What’s not to like about this blender, small, sleek, easy to clean in several parts, to help with daily life? In my daily routine Convenience is important: being able to do something quickly without having to worry about making such a big mess that you have to clean up afterwards. This mix made it easy for me to make my smoothies and continue to eat healthy. To top it all off, I’m in an apartment, so space is limited. This takes up minimal space, small yet powerful at the same time. Don’t walk, run and buy one! —Coffee Mother17

Price: $29.96 (available in six colors)

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