Walmart confirms the closure of a major anchor store after two decades and customers say they will go to Target instead

WALMART has confirmed the closure of an anchor location after two decades of service, and customers say they will have to choose competitors instead.

The retail giant explained in a press release on Wednesday that it would be cutting more underperforming stores, saying at least 5,000 were not meeting expectations.

Walmart is closing a new location in less than a monthCredit: Getty
A closing date for April has been setCredit: Getty

One location that did not comply was the Walmart in Towson, Maryland, about eight miles north of downtown Baltimore, according to The Daily Record.

Walmart noted in its press release that the decision was difficult, but that the Towson store, an anchor location in the Towson Place Shopping Center, would close for good on April 5.

It has a unique two-story design and took over the Montgomery Ward in 2004 about twenty years ago.

The retailer currently shares the center with Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and Target, competitors that shoppers will now head to after the looming April closing date.

“That target will now appear,” someone wrote in a thread about the closure on Facebook.

“Target has done renovations over the years so they are good. Plus Target is just different,” wrote another.

The number of Towson Walmart employees, estimated at approximately 207, will be able to transfer to another location and retain their positions.

Walmart said in Wednesday’s news release that employees would have until June 14 to transfer or face severance pay.

Alicia Anger, Global Communications Director for Walmart, also thanked the local community for keeping Towson in business over the past two decades.

“We are grateful to the customers who have given us the privilege of serving them in our Towson store,” Anger said in the release.

Walmart’s outage is causing customers to leave stores as sales and returns are temporarily halted at thousands of locations

“We look forward to continuing to serve them at one of the seven other locations in the area, on, and through delivery to their home or business.”

While Towson’s closure is likely devastating for some fans, it is the only closure Walmart has noted in the region so far.

The release noted that Walmart operates approximately 60 Walmart and Sam’s Club locations in the state of Maryland.

More than 17,350 employees work in these stores.


As The US Sun previously reported, Walmart will close at least 22 stores in 2023 and has already closed three stores since last month.

One of the most recent took place on February 16 in Columbus, Ohio.

Before that, two Walmart stores in California closed their doors permanently on February 9.

The first was in San Diego and the second in El Cajon, according to Business Insider.

It is unclear whether the three stores fell into the category of the 5,000 considered substandard.

Low profitability was cited as the reason for last year’s closures.

The closures certainly shouldn’t worry fans of the brand, as Walmart noted that this was a restructuring and laid out plans to open 150 stores and redesign a few hundred others.

Walmart said it wants to create the “store of the future” with brand new layouts for customers in the United States.

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