Walmart confirms Easter meal costs will drop to less than $8 per person after CEO says prices will fall to pre-inflation levels

WALMART is helping consumers celebrate Easter on a budget by lowering the price of its curated Easter meal.

The package contains all the key ingredients for a successful Easter meal, serves up to 10 people and costs less than $8 per person.

Walmart hopes to make Easter more affordable by offering customers low-cost curated Easter meals and basketsCredit: Getty

Food prices have risen 25% since the pandemic began, according to Federal Reserve Economic data.

However, Walmart strives to save shoppers money on food, especially during the holidays.

The big-box retailer has removed inflation from Walmart’s curated Easter meal and made it even cheaper than last year, at an average of about $8 per meal.

The curated meal serves up to 10 people and comes with all the Easter items including ham, rolls, salad, apple pie, sweet potatoes and more.

“We are proud to offer an Easter meal priced even lower than last year, so our customers can celebrate this holiday without sacrificing the essentials and delivering on our promise to help them save money and live a better life. lead,” said John Laney, CEO of Walmart. vice president of food.

Customers can save on Easter meals in stores and online until March 31.

The Easter meal price drop to “pre-inflation levels,” according to Food & Wine, comes as Walmart president and CEO Doug McMillon suggested that grocery prices would fall.

In an earnings call last month, McMillon said: “On the food front, prices are lower than a year ago in places like eggs, apples and deli snacks, but higher in other places like asparagus and blackberries.

“Dry grocery and consumables categories, such as paper products and cleaning supplies, are up mid-single digits from last year and high from two years ago.

“Private brand penetration has increased in many of the countries where we operate, including the United States.”

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His statements echo what McMillon suggested last November, when he said Walmart could enter a “deflationary environment.”

“We may see a depletion of dry groceries and consumables in the coming weeks and months,” he said.

The American Sun contacted Walmart for comment.


In its effort to make the holidays a little more affordable, Walmart is also offering shoppers cheap Easter baskets full of goodies.

For less than $20, Walmart has a curated basket of candy, fun accessories and paper grass.

“Easter baskets full of treats, stuffed bunnies and egg hunts are all synonymous with Easter celebrations,” said Julie Barber, executive vice president of general merchandise.

“We’ve made sure our customers can not only get their entire meal at a great price at Walmart, but we also offer great prices on the seasonal extras that really add to the holiday season and memory-making,” she said.

Walmart also sells a variety of Easter decorations, including inflatable Easter bunnies and wreaths.

In other Walmart news, the retailer is planning “controversial changes to self-checkout” that could see customers paying extra.

There is also a Walmart shopper who is angry about the cash register change, threatens to switch stores and claims that someone should be ‘hit’.

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