This better-than-great Galaxy Watch 5 Pro deal is somehow still available at Walmart

We have great news to share with Android enthusiasts looking for a new smartwatch. Some time ago we shared a stunningly good deal at Walmart for the Bluetooth-only Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. The deal in question first went live with the trader over a month ago and reappeared sporadically several times. Surprise, surprise; the fantastic offer is back in effect, meaning you can get it for $169 off!
Again, this epic deal only applies to the model with Bluetooth connectivity. If you’re looking to purchase an LTE-enabled Samsung smartwatch, we recommend switching your attention to Amazon, where you can save around $150 on the LTE model.
This puppy is certainly not the latest Samsung timepiece, but it still gives the premium Galaxy Watch 6 Classic a run for its money, not to mention many of the other top smartwatches for Android users. Admittedly, it lacks the beloved edge. However, the timepiece offers many more benefits, making it a fantastic choice, especially when it is 38% cheaper than usual. The Samsung smartwatch offers durability in an elegant form, with a premium titanium case and durable sapphire crystal glass that protects the beautiful 1.4-inch Super AMOLED screen. Naturally, the wearable is packed with premium sensors designed to keep you safe, motivated to reach your fitness goals, and informed about your sleep and general health, among other things.

But then again, perhaps the most impressive thing about this wearable is its phenomenal battery life. Amazingly, for such a feature-rich wearable, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro easily lasts over 60 hours on a single charge.

On the other hand, the more contemporary Apple alternative, the Apple Watch Series 9, offers around 18 hours of use between charges. As you can see, that’s nowhere near the beastly 60+ hours of juice you get from Samsung’s timepiece.

When you think about it, there aren’t too many Android smartwatches that offer this much ‘smarts’ in a premium casing, let alone have more than 60 hours of battery life between charges. So if you like what the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro offers, take the chance to save $169 before it slips away.

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