US Says Strike on Gaza Food Convoy ‘Unacceptable’

The gunfire that struck a United Nations food convoy headed to northern Gaza earlier this month, suspending food deliveries to the region, apparently came from Israeli warships, CNN reports. No one was injured in the February 5 strike, but the contents of the truck, which desperately needed bread flour, were destroyed. The truck was one of 10 waiting for permission to proceed at an Israeli army holding point on the main route to northern Gaza. The rest of the convoy was denied entry. The UNWRA, the main UN agency providing food aid, shared this photos on X which shows that there is damage to the truck. CNN reports that the truck was hit on the side facing the sea. Three Israeli warships were off the coast.

Email correspondence shows that the aid agency had confirmed with the Israeli army that they could take the Al Rashid Road to northern Gaza. “It’s really hard to see how this could be a legal attack,” Janina Dill of the University of Oxford’s Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict told CNN. “It would at least appear to be a very serious violation of international humanitarian law. Whether it is also punishable depends on questions of intent, something that must be determined by a court.” A State Department spokesman said the strike was “unacceptable” and the US told the Israeli government there was “an absolute need for humanitarian workers to safely distribute aid”.

The World Food Program suspended deliveries to northern Gaza after the strike. On Tuesday it said aid deliveries had been halted again due to “complete chaos and violence resulting from the breakdown of civil order”, with desperate people raiding convoys before aid could be distributed. The UN children’s agency says one in six children in northern Gaza is acutely malnourished, the AP reports. Al Jazeera reports that at least one person was killed earlier this week when Israeli forces opened fire on people waiting for food aid in northern Gaza. Witnesses said the attack appeared unprovoked. (More war stories between Israel and Hamas.)

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