Former RNC Chair Comes Up With Damning New Way To Describe Trump Supporters

Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, ripped Sunday Donald Trump supporters as “MAGA zombies,” as he expressed frustration with those who don’t seem to believe that the former president will likely try to make good on his increasingly wild threats if he wins back the White House.

Trump, who has been indicted four times, said on Saturday that he would urge Russia to “do whatever they want” to member states of the NATO military alliance if the country did not pay its way. It comes amid fears that Trump will be unleashed in a second administration that will be filled with acolytes rather than serious policy officials.

“Why don’t they see that he’s trying to build a sycophantic army of, I call them zombies, MAGA zombies, to do whatever he tells them to do?” Steele asked former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton while guest hosting on MSNBC.

“What is the disconnect that people don’t seem to understand?” Steele added.

“I think people really don’t believe it could be as bad as it could be,” replied Bolton, now a fierce critic of his former boss, Trump.

“I think a Trump victory risks prolonging the constitutional crisis,” he continued. ‘I think we’ll survive. I don’t think democracy is under threat, but I think we could suffer a lot of damage, and many others have tried in various ways to convince, especially Republicans, that this is serious. But as you say, so far we have not succeeded.”

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