Man Dies on Lufthansa Flight After Blood Gushes From Nose, Mouth: Report

A Lufthansa Airbus A340.
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  • According to the Swiss-German newspaper Blick, a 63-year-old man died during a Lufthansa flight on Thursday.
  • Witnesses told the outlet that blood was pouring from his nose and mouth.
  • Witnesses said passengers screamed at the sight.

A 63-year-old man died on a Lufthansa flight this week after losing ‘gallons of blood’ in a scene that scared passengers.

According to the Swiss-German newspaper Blick, the unidentified man boarded a Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Munich with his wife on Thursday.

Witnesses Martin and Karin Missfelder told Blick that they were sitting in the row diagonally behind the male passenger and his wife. Karin Missfelder said the man looked unwell when he boarded the plane.

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“He had cold sweats” and “was breathing way too fast,” Karin Missfelder said in a translated quote.

The man’s wife said his breathing and appearance did not look good as they rushed to catch the flight, but the symptoms concerned the crew. Despite their initial hesitations, the crew allowed the man to remain on the flight.

Karin Missfelder, a nurse practitioner at University Hospital in Switzerland, told Blick that her concerns about the man persisted, prompting her to tell a flight attendant that a doctor should examine the man. At this point the aircraft captain arrived and spoke briefly to the man.

“He then called for a doctor over the loudspeaker and a young, about thirty-year-old man from Poland with broken English looked at the German,” said Karin Missfelder.

Martin Missfelder said the doctor did little to treat the man other than checking his pulse and asking how he was feeling. Soon the man’s health deteriorated dramatically.

“They then gave him some chamomile tea, but he was already spitting blood into the bag his wife held out to him,” said Martin Missfelder.

At one point, Martin Missfelder said blood was pouring from the man’s nose and mouth. He said the man lost “gallons of blood,” some of which splattered onto the walls of the plane.

“It was absolute horror. Everyone was screaming,” Martin Missfelder told Blick.

Flight attendants immediately jumped in and tried to resuscitate the man, Blick reported.

“It was dead quiet on board,” said Karin Missfelder.

Data from flightradar24, an online air traffic tracker, showed the flight took off from Bangkok International Airport at 12.07am before returning amid the chaos. Karin Missfelder told Blick that the man, now dead, was carried to the galley as the plane returned to the airport.

A Lufthansa representative confirmed the death to Blick.

Lufthansa aircraft.
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Lufthansa representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

Last year, Lufthansa made headlines after a flight from Texas to Germany encountered severe turbulence that sent people and food flying.

One passenger told Business Insider that she hit her head on the ceiling of the plane. “It felt like it hit the eye of a tornado,” Rolanda Schmidt told BI. ‘It didn’t stop. I thought we were going down.”

That flight made an emergency landing near Washington, DC.

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