Both Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan Declare Victory, Poll Body Silent

Elections were held in Pakistan on February 8 due to a mobile service disruption.

Pakistan is likely headed for a hung verdict, with former prime ministers Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan both declaring victory. The country’s election commission has not yet officially announced the results. Analysts had predicted there might not be a clear winner.

Sharif has said he will talk to other parties to form a coalition government as his party has failed to win a clear majority on its own. Khan, a popular former cricketer who voted from prison, said in a “victory speech” that independent parties backed by his party are on course to win more than 170 seats out of the 264 seats that went to the polls. The majority figure is 133.

Elections were held in Pakistan on February 8 due to a mobile service disruption.

Here are the LIVE updates on the elections in Pakistan:

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Imran Khan Group leads with 94 seats, Nawaz Sharif Party on 63, Bilawal Bhutto on 50

A strong showing by independent candidates loyal to Imran Khan has prompted the military-backed Nawaz Sharif to rethink his strategies and plan a unity government with Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. The latest figures suggest that Nawaz Sharif will have no other way out than joining the PPP to form an alliance government.

PML-N: 63

PPP: 50

Independents supported by PTI: 94

MQM-P: 14

Source: Express Tribune, quoting state agency APP

Imran Khan claims clear majority in ‘Victory Speech’, no official word yet

Imran Khan says he is on course for a clear majority, Nawaz Sharif claims ‘largest party’

Hours after Nawaz Sharif claimed his party had become the largest, Imran Khan indicated his group is on course to win a clear majority – statements that are causing confusion among Pakistanis over who will form the government.

“No Pakistani will accept this (electoral malpractice) and the international media has also reported extensively on it. According to Form 45 data, we are on track to win more than 170 seats in the National Assembly. My fellow countrymen, you all have a date for the restoration of democracy in Pakistan. We will win the 2024 elections with a two-thirds majority. Everyone has seen the power of your voice. Now show your ability to preserve and protect it,” Imran Khan said in the audio clip of his AI-powered voice.

“Pakistan Muslim League is the largest party in the country today after elections and it is our duty to take this country out of the vortex,” Nawaz Sharif had said at a press conference in Lahore yesterday.

“Nawaz Sharif is leader of people with low intelligence”: Imran Khan’s jibe in ‘Victory Speech’

Imran Khan has delivered a ‘victory speech’ in his AI-enabled voice, saying Nawaz Sharif’s ‘London Plan’ failed due to huge voter turnout on election day.

“My beloved compatriots. By coming out in such large numbers and exercising your democratic right to vote, you have laid the foundation for the restoration of the freedom to exercise the rights of citizens. I congratulate you all for helping us win the election. I had complete confidence in you turning out in such large numbers to cast your vote. You have lived up to my trust and the massive turnout on election day surprised many. The ‘London Plan’ for your active participation in the democratic exercise. Nawaz Sharif is a leader with low intelligence who gave a victory speech despite his party falling behind in 30 seats,” he said in an audio clip of his AI-enabled voice on social media.

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